304 copper trumpet straight mute

Our Muirhead-Wallace 304 trumpet straight mute has the same fantastic response as the 301 but with an even more complex sound than the 302.

304 new model
The Wallace 304 straight mute for trumpet plays across the entire register, at all dynamics, with a true centered ringing tone. The combination of a copper body with an aluminum bottom solves the weight problem that arises with an all-copper model. The aluminium used for the bottom is very stiff and more densely spun, allowing for maximum resonance. The copper side walls are made thinner to keep the weight as low as possible. The new 304 model is therefore more responsive and easier to use than many all-copper mutes. Perfectly tuned, lightweight, yet robust.



  • Copper trumpet mute
  • Material: copper wall and stiff hard aluminium base
  • Straight mute
  • Perfectly in tune

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